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"Proudly Serving Hawaii Communities For Nearly A Century"

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A tasty trip down memory lane

Whether you grew up enjoying traditional Japanese 'mochi' desserts, or you're looking for a healthier alternative to processed candy, Nisshodo Candy Store is a place you need to see to believe!


Savor the subtle sweetness of chichi dango, kinako dango and manju, hand-made the traditional way.

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How it all began

The recipes for our sweet confections were mastered and perfected in Hiroshima, Japan by Asataro Hirao. Approximately 90 years ago, he moved to Hawaii and founded Nisshodo Candy Store. His family has been continuing his very good work ever since.


No celebration of a traditional Japanese holiday would be complete without a box of Nisshodo Candy Store's delectable treats! Or start a new tradition in your house for Christmas or any other occasion you choose. Visit our photo gallery and see what strikes your fancy.

Better by the pound

At Nisshodo Candy Store, you can purchase our confections individually or by the pound. Great for omiyage gifts!

House specialties

  -  Chichi dango

  -  Kinako dango

  -  Mochi / Manju

  - Kingyoku

  -  Rakugan

"Order ahead so you'll have some to take home with you."

- Matt T. 

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