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Enjoy the tastes of Japan right at home.
Imagine a gooey mochi melting in your mouth, or a tasty bean paste-filled manju bursting open when you bite into it.
For over 90 years of experience, Nisshodo Candy Store is proudly serving homemade Japanese confections. We are proudly serving the Hawaii communities for nearly a century. Our perfect treats are great for holidays, parties, Japanese New Year, children's day, special events, and more. Visit us at our 1095 Dillingham Blvd Suite I-5 location to taste our homemade Japanese treats maid daily right on site!
You don’t have to travel across the Pacific to enjoy traditional, delicious Japanese confections such as chichi dango, mochi and mangu — you’ll find all the tasty desserts you desire in our family run store!
Dessert the old fashioned way: handmade.
Enjoy a piece of cultural history each time you bite into one of our tasty Japanese confections, all of which are handmade on-site each day by our friendly employees.
Get authentic, tasty Japanese confections today. Stop into our 1095 Dillingham Blvd Suite I-5 location today for a sweet treat that is made right on site, including chichi dango, mochi and manju.


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