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Take your taste buds to the Land of the Rising Sun

In Japan, the subtly sweet, milky-textured goodness of chichi dango is something everyone looks forward to on special occasions. Now you can enjoy them on any occasion right here in Hawaii.


Let Nisshodo Candy Store bring the taste of Japan to your family, no matter what your heritage.

What is chichi dango?

"Dango" is a Japanese word for "dumpling." They are typically made from rice flour and come in different flavors. Nisshodo Candy Store specializes in chichi dango which is a lightly sweet, chewy type of dango eaten as a treat or dessert.


Kinako dango is a variation of chichi dango coated in roasted soy bean powder. Nisshodo Candy Store makes these traditional Japanese candies according to a time-honored recipe handed down for generations. Each piece is individually wrapped.

Word to the wise

Some say our store is hard to find. We're on Dillingham Blvd. in Building I-5. We promise, the taste is worth the effort!

Great for:

  -  Party gifts

  -  Japanese New Year

  -  Boys' Day

  -  Alternative to candy

  -  Traditional ceremonies

"I can't pick one favorite. Everything is so good!"

-  Virginia A.

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