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Take your sweet tooth to a new world

When you crave a sweet snack, try one that's healthy too. Japanese mochi and manju offer the chewy consistency of candy or cake, with a lighter degree of sweetness.  


Since they're made from rice flour, they're also gluten-free.

How is mochi and manju made?

Manju is made from wheat flower and Mochi is made from rice flower. Unlike dango, they also have fillings. Nisshodo Candy Store offers traditional mochi and manju such as azuki bean, to modern, like peanut butter!


Visit our candy showroom on Dillingham Boulevard, Building I-5 to see all that we have to offer. Even if it's your first time tasting this traditional Japanese treat, we're confident it won't be your last. Get them individually or by the pound.

Mochi/Manju flavors:

  -  Peanut butter (a favorite!)

  -  Coconut

  -  Daifuku

  -  Uguisu

  -  Chimaki...and many more!


Ask for more details when you visit.

"The consistency, freshness and quality are tops!"

- Lyla D.

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